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  • Kitchen and Bathroom Refurbishment Hermanus

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Refurbishment Hermanus Overberg

    A refurbishment is about making what you have work and look better. It is often the little touches, upgrading drawers or fixing a hinge, that make a big difference. Add in a choice of new work surfaces, maybe granite or oak, with new tiles and worn out appliances and your kitchen is Transformed. If the project involves taking a wall out and changing the shape of the room then there is scope for moving things around.


    Using the design expertise of our experts we can re-style your existing kitchen or bathroom, if you need building work, no problem, we can deal with that too. In fact whatever you need, from simple cosmetic updating to a complete re-do we have the expertise to deliver the solution.

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    A kitchen is more than a set of cabinets and doors – it’s the heart of your home. So we think it makes sense to dream big, whether it’s floor to ceiling cabinets, counter tops, new tiling or light fittings. Aren’t dreams more fun when they come true?

    Are you planning a kitchen renovation? Explore any and all your favourite kitchen decor ideas and get inspiration to create the kitchen of your dreams. Upgrading a kitchen is full of possibilities, and even a few simple budget ideas can refresh, modernize your kitchen design. Whether you’re working within an existing layout or starting from scratch, we have ideas for modern kitchen design to design ideas for kitchens to boost efficiency and comfort. Our design advice and how-to ideas tell you everything you need to know about planning a kitchen remodel.

    Kitchen and Bathroom Refurbishment Hermanus – Some Easy Kitchen Makeover Ideas

    Is your kitchen looking tired or outdated? Here are a few ways of giving your space a quick face lift without breaking the bank.

    The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and that has a lot to do with the fact that we spend the majority of our time in there, not only preparing food, but also reflecting on the events of the day with our loved ones.

    Replace the Bench top

    Replacing a laminate bench top with a square-edge stone will instantly update a kitchen. A 20 mm thick bench top is all you need for a quick face lift and it will also help keep the cost down. Look for a quartz product or more expensive natural stone options. While you’re at it, why not replace a top mounted sink with a more modern under mount sink and new mixer. If you currently have an old large or double-bowl sink but don’t use it that much, go smaller and add extra bench space instead.

    Install a New Splash back

    Patterned tiles were very popular in the 70’s and 80’s and are one of the first things to date a kitchen. Tiles are still the cheapest splash back option so either replace the old tiles with new modern ones or paint over them with tile paint following a thorough clean and application of primer.

    Paint or Remove Cabinets

    Give an all-white kitchen a modern makeover by painting bottom cabinets and the front of the island bench in a contrasting darker colour like charcoal or black. If the kitchen looks all too cabinet heavy, another trick is to remove some of the upper cabinet doors to open up the look of the space. These open spaces can be used to display nice crockery or decorator items. Don’t forget to fill and paint the hinge holes!

    Replace Handles and Accessories

    By far the cheapest trick is to replace dated, plastic or broken handles with new modern ones. If you choose stainless steel then think about other stainless steel accessories, like small appliances or a utensil holder, which will add to the look. Add a stainless steel tray with a high rim to group together daily cooking needs like oil, vinegar and condiments. New lighting can also make a huge difference and help extend a theme, developed through all accessories.

    Upgrade Appliances

    Consider a built in cook top and oven. One way to get around not being able to match the old cabinetry around the new appliances is to use a brushed stainless steel or aluminium laminate product that will tie in with the appliances and enhance the modern look. And finally, no kitchen should be without a dishwasher. Even if you can only fit a dish drawer it’s worth losing some cabinet space for. Fill in any cabinetry around it or underneath it with a similar stainless steel laminate.

    Kitchen and Bathroom Refurbishment Hermanus – Bathroom Refurbishment

    Bathroom Refurbishment can be a nightmare, imagine trying to coordinate tilers, plumbers, and electricians all to come within a day of each other. That’s why at Hennie Bothma Constructions we provide a turnkey approach. From design, survey and installation we provide all the trades necessary to make sure your installation goes smoothly.

    What Hennie Bothma Constructions can do for you;

    Remove existing walls or add new walls
    Complete removal of your current bathroom fixtures, accessories, and furniture – your bathtub, washbasin, toilet, shelves, and all supplemental units.
    Removal of your current bathroom floor and wall tiles.
    Replacement of plaster and plasterboard.
    Plumbing and electrical work for bathrooms.
    Installation of bathtub, toilets, washbasins, radiators, and other units.
    A wide range of repairs for toilets and bathrooms.
    Wall and floor tiling.
    Fitting of new or existing bathroom accessories and furniture.
    Making a bath panel and tile over.

    Bathroom Considerations

    Finding a Tradesman

    If you’re looking for the best possible finish, you are better off having one company to design, source and install your bathroom rather than having various trades coming in one at a time.”

    Furnishing your new bathroom

    Whether fitting yourself or using a specialist, you’ll need to decide what will go into your new bathroom.

    Many people use their existing bathroom as a template, but start with a blank canvas to create a space that enhances your lifestyle. Don’t forget bathroom storage space for towels, toilet rolls and toiletries. It’s worth working this into the original design to ensure you can fit everything in.

    Lighting can be a key detail, with basics starting at down lighting and ranging to back-lighting mirrors and lit ‘feature walls’.

    How long will it take?

    When it comes to practicalities it is important to consider what constitutes a realistic time-frame. Bathrooms can take between one and four weeks to complete, and depending on the size of your house the work could be rather intrusive.

    If you only have one bathroom, you might want to wait until you go on holiday or go and stay with friends or relatives – the joy of coming home to a brand new bathroom will more than make up for any inconvenience.

    All work will be done in accordance to the highest professional standards, without any worries. If you have a bathroom refurbishment idea, our specialists will review and tell if it is the right thing to do. All improvements done to your bathroom will be supervised and renovations will be carried out by a strict code of best practices for bathroom refurbishment and installation.

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